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"Concrete Sledge ML"Edit

Although he is known for Dean/Washburn signature models, he did own and use a Jackson style guitar for a while. It can be seen on a live video form Monsters of Rock in Moscow, "Primal Concrete Sledge", 1991.

Pantera - Primal Concrete Sledge (Live Video)

Pantera - Primal Concrete Sledge (Live Video)

Not much is known for this mysterious guitar, however later Dean issued its replica as "Concrete Sledge ML" for a limited run. Notably it featured 25.5 inch scale (Dime usually preferred 24.5) and non Jackson headstock.

Dime Concrete Sledge ML

Actual guitar, photo taken from Dean website

Dean Concrete Sledge ML Replica

Replica model, Dean headstock and logo, KISS sticker is missing also